Here I will explain the notation I will use. Please do not use notation from anywhere else as it may be different.
Left side down: L
Left side up: L'
Right side down: R
Right side up: R'
Top layer clockwise: U
Top layer counter-clockwise: U'
Bottom layer clockwise: D
Bottom layer counter-clockwise: D'
Middle layer (vertical) down: M
Middle layer up: M'
Front layer clockwise: F
Front layer counter-clockwise: F'
Back layer clockwise: B
Back layer counter-clockwise: B'
Turn Cube so top is showing: T
--- so bottom is showing: T'
--- so left face is showing: S
--- so right face is showing: S'
--- so back face is showing: O
I may not use all the notation here, but you may use some. Tell me if you want notation added.

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